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Make Your Voice Heard in Sacramento

GASPAC is the Political Action Committee of The California Society of Anesthesiologists.


GASPAC stands as a vital force in advocating for our shared interests in the political arena. Effective advocacy demands resources—funds that fuel our campaigns, support our advocacy specialists, and enable strategic outreach efforts. With funds strong enough to bolster our initiatives, GASPAC can amplify our voice, ensuring it resonates strongly with legislators. These funds are not merely about financial muscle but are the lifeblood that sustains our ability to engage in crucial dialogue and mobilize supporters. Without sufficient funds, our capacity to advocate for policy decisions and protect our patients would be limited. Thus, investing in GASPAC is not just an expenditure but a strategic imperative, safeguarding our ability to navigate the complex landscape of politics and champion our issues effectively.

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Promoting Physician-Led Anesthesia Care

Supporting Title Transparency

Ensuring Patient Safety

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Scope of Practice


Providing Adequate Reimbursement

Support GASPAC With Your Contribution Today

By supporting GASPAC, you empower the California Society of Anesthesiologists (CSA) to advocate for your interests alongside other physician groups within the House of Medicine. Together, we magnify our voices with policymakers in the State Capitol, ensuring that our concerns are not only heard but also acted upon. Political action committees like GASPAC are essential vehicles for advocating for our profession and safeguarding our interests in the complex landscape of policymaking and legislation.


Your contribution to GASPAC is crucial. Whether you're a CSA member, a physician, or simply value physician-led medicine in California, your support matters.


Join us in making a difference. Corporate contributions are permitted by state law, and every contribution strengthens our collective impact. The recommended minimum contribution is $300 annually, but consider elevating your support: contribute $500 to join 'The Golden State Club' or $1000 to become a member of the prestigious 'Governor’s Club,' earning special recognition from GASPAC. Additionally, physician groups with ten or more members can join the exclusive 'Presidents Club' with a contribution of $7,000 or more per corporate entity, receiving distinguished acknowledgment from GASPAC.


Joining the 'Governor’s Club' is more accessible than you might think. You can contribute just $89 per month through electronic payments to reach the $1000 annual contribution threshold. Every dollar contributes to our collective strength in shaping healthcare policy and ensuring the future of physician-led medicine in California. Make your impact today.

Click here for a printable contribution form.


Alternatively, call 916-290-5830, with credit card information.

GASPAC Frequently Asked Questions.

Any Questions?

Click here for a printable contribution form.

Alternatively, call 916-290-5830, with credit card information.

GASPAC Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact us at with any questions.

GASPAC Board of Directors

Christine Doyle, MD, FASA

Mark Thoma, MD

John Hsieh MD, FASA

Miriam Sawary, MD

John Patton, MD

Bryce Docherty

Dave Butler

Todd Primack, DO, FASA
Antonio Conte, MD, MBA, FASA

Philip Levin, MD

Ed Mariano, MD, MAS, FASA

Paul Yost, MD, FASA

Jenni Bartlotti-Telesz, MD, MBA, FASA

Puja Trivedi, DO

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