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GASPAC is the political action committee of the California Society of Anesthesiologists.




As you know, health care in California is highly regulated. As government and other interests seek to control your medical practice in new ways, it is more important than ever that anesthesiologists have a voice and have influence in the legislative and regulatory process.
Effective advocacy requires an integrated approach:  lobbying, grassroots engagement, public relations AND political campaign contributions.
GASPAC funds allow CSA the ability to support candidates and/or elected officials who understand and champion critical anesthesiologist issues, such as:

  • Promoting physician-led anesthesia care

  • Protecting MICRA

  • Defeating inappropriate efforts to expand mid-level provider scope of practice

  • Providing adequate reimbursement


GASPAC allows CSA to represent you and your interests, alongside other physician groups within the House of Medicine. Together, we make our voices heard with policymakers in the State Capitol and with the general public.
Please, make a contribution to GASPAC today, and invite your colleagues and acquaintances to do the same. You don’t have to be a member of CSA or even a physician to make a contribution to GASPAC. Corporate contributions are allowed by state law. GASPAC contributors simply need to value the role of physician-led medicine within the State of California.
The minimum recommended contribution to GASPAC is $300 annually.  Increase your contribution to $500 and become a member of “The Golden State Club.”  For a $1000 annual contribution you can join the “Governor’s Club” and receive a special recognition award from GASPAC.  Physician groups with ten or more members, can join the “Presidents Club” with a contribution of $7,000 or more, per corporate entity and also receive a recognition award from GASPAC.


Note:  You can join the Governor’s Club ($1000 per year) by signing up for an electronic contribution of only $89 per month!

Click here for a printable contribution form.


Alternatively, call 916-290-5830, with credit card information.

GASPAC Frequently Asked Questions.

Thanks to those who have donated to GASPAC in the past!

2021 GASPAC Donor List

2020 GASPAC Donor List

2019 GASPAC Donor List

2018 GASPAC Donor List

2017 GASPAC Donor List

GASPAC Board Members

Antonio Conte, MD, MBA, FASA

Jeffrey Poage, MD

Ed Mariano, MD, MAS

Paul Yost, MD, FASA

Karen Sibert, MD, FASA

Sam Wald, MD, FASA

Christine Doyle, MD, FASA

Peter Sybert, MD

John Hsieh MD, FASA

Christopher Tirce, MD, FASA

Justin Pollock, MD

Bryce Docherty

Dave Butler

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